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Do MAC makeup counters do make-up by appointments?

by (8) @ makeup counter

If so, how much do they cost?Do MAC makeup counters do make-up by appointments?
I got my makeup done by MAC for an event very recently. And yes, I made an appointment for it in advance. At my local MAC counter, you have to make a five item purchace in order for them to do your make-up. The products you buy is the only thing you pay for, and actual makeover comes free with it.

Got to your MAC counter and find out whether you have to buy something or just pay for the makeover. I'm sure it's different in different places.Do MAC makeup counters do make-up by appointments?
Just walk in, plan to buy $40 worth of product and let them do a makeover.
I'm not sure, but get an appointment with a gay guy. They're the best at makeup.
Yes they do, and in Canada it costs 45 dollars. So, in the U.S, i'm guessing about 35-40. You also usually get a free full sized product(I got free mascara)
Yeah they do. Not sure how much they cost.

You could either just ask for them to do a make-over and test products on you and then maybe buy a few of the products they used. Alternativly i think you can book in for a professional make-over.

Check thier website, they might have some info x

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  • Makeup done at MAC counter??

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    so i'm planning on going to the mac counter and buying at least a 100 dollars worth of products and i heard that you get a free makeover with the purchase of 40 dollars worth of products or something like that.

    i was just wondering what happens when you get your makeup done there(sorry if that sounds stupid, i've never had my makeup done at a counter before lol).

    should i wear no makeup that day?

    or do they give you a cleanser to take your makeup off or what?

    do they use the products that you buy or do they demonstrate them on you first to try and sell them to you?

    thank you so much for any answers!:)Makeup done at MAC counter??
    At the mac near me, that deal isnt all the time..only during special seasons (prom,wedding) usually you have to pay 50 dollars and they give you a free mascara. to get ur makeup done but, thats just at my local mac. and when you get your full face done, you make an appointment and they will tell you to come with a clean face..they will do everything else..Moisturize, concealer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow whatever you'd like. If you dont make an appointment and you just want to buy stuff they will probably only show you how to apply it like a sample..they wont do your whole face. hope that helpedMakeup done at MAC counter??
    There shouldn't be a minimum purchase for good service! Just call ahead and say your looking for a ';new look.'; They should set up a time slot and have you come in! It's best if you don't wear make up, but if you do they will be able to remove it. Also, they have samples of just about every item available so no, you don't have to buy to try... just buy what you like!

    Getting makeup done at Nars counter- how much tip for artist is appropriate?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    i live near NYCGetting makeup done at Nars counter- how much tip for artist is appropriate?
    Depends on how much the makeover is...I would stick to 15-20% of the total cost. If its free, then I would tip $10-15. You don't have to tip, but if the makeover is free, then the expectation is that you puchase at least one makeup item.Getting makeup done at Nars counter- how much tip for artist is appropriate?
    NO!!! YOU DON'T TIP THEM!!! you buy them makeup... the sale goes for them... and it's probably commission or i don't know... but DON'T TIP THEM!!! you are buying makeup... gosh i don't know how much i can stress this to you... i'm not being rude/cheap... but you don't tip the people...
    You shouldn't be tipping the makeup artist, they are already making $14 an hour! If they do your whole face, it's customary that you're not just doing it to buy a lip liner. You should plan to BUY a couple things three at least. Even if they charge a fee for a makeover, Don't tip them! They get commision, I don't care if it's NYC, everyone wants a friggin tip these days. If they are collecting tips, alert management because it just wrong
    Depends on how many products you buy from all the makeup she uses on you. If you only buy the lip gloss give her ten bucks. If you buy the foundation with the concealer, liquid eyeliner, and bronzer then tip her more.

    Makeup counters in department stores?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    Do the makeup counters in department stores, like MAC and Clinique accept giftcards of the store they're Sears or the Bay?Makeup counters in department stores?

    Can i approach makeup counters for prom makeup without making an appointment?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    i thought i could do my own makeup for prom. but since experimenting, i realize i look like a clown in my own hands. so i decided i should find professional help, but its seems to late to make an appointment now and i dont know where to go for a makeover. can i just make a last minute appearance at any makeup counter in town and request for a makeover?Can i approach makeup counters for prom makeup without making an appointment?
    Go to the MAC store or Macy's (they have a MAC counter). The girls charge $40 and it's worth it. MAC products are wonderful and they last long and PROM is the one time you want to look flawless. I know that if you go to the MAC counter without making an appointment, they will put make up on you if they know they are going to make a ';good'; sale, especially at this time of year. You can also try Sephora. And if all else fails, you should ask an adult that you think does good make up on themselves. Or take your time..lay out all your make up that you want to use and start slowly. The lighter the touch the better the outcome. Good Luck and Have fun on PROM.Can i approach makeup counters for prom makeup without making an appointment?
    Go to the Body Shop - they do free make overs and their stuff is really nice. You may want to buy something small though for their trouble (like the lip gloss they put on you b/c you will need to re-apply it later anyway).
    umm call 2 days in advanced or go to a mall, they will always feel happy to do it!!! hope i helped :)

    gobble gobble

    happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!

    try mac!!!!!!!!!

    they refuse say you will give a big tip!
    u should just be able to go to the mall and hit up a counter and ask questions for help and adivice. most women would love to help. i'm sure some would love to smug u off but ignore them. they'd probably make u look like u came out the 80's anyway.... since ur doing prom keep it light and neutral

    Makeup ? I'm getting headshots. Is it cheaper 2 get makeup at the mall w/ help from counter lady or walgreens?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    I'm a guy and I have bags and stuff under my eyes and i know my friend can photoshop them out, but he says i should get makeup b/c it'll be easier. I also looked at my first headshots from years ago and i just saw micro pimples on my forehead (which isn't good looking back on it) I haven't a clue about makeup (i'm a guy) but i know i want that powdery look. Suggestions? what's that jessica alba commercial where you can mix your own color? or is there a place where i can get tv makeup powder like the news people use i've seen some of the guys with that and it looks good. very 80s rock band like.

    all help (not just one sentence pleassssee) greatly appreciated!!!!

    oh and what will the counterlady do? i know they might help give you a makeup for free but i gotta get several takes in different days I can't just go back to them and do it over and over for free without buying. so if this is better than say walgreens then how much am i gonna pay??? roughly? $10 $5? ....Makeup ? I'm getting headshots. Is it cheaper 2 get makeup at the mall w/ help from counter lady or walgreens?
    If you can't find this palette stuff and if you don't know how to apply the stuff, then go to lancome or Bobby Mac or Este Lauder and tell them you want some ideas on makeup. Watch them carefully, as they will give you a complete makeover. Tell them about your problem with the dark circles or bags, ask them what they have for this. As they put each item on your face, ask them what it is and what color it is and how much it is. After they have started, tell them what you are doing, tell them about the ';head shots';, they will be excited to be a part of this. Just buy one or two things. Have them make a list of what they used... sometimes they keep a chart of what they put on you for future reference. Tell them you will be back tomorrow. It really is worth it to buy good makeup, not the stuff from Walgreens. Your makeup will make a big difference and the Walgreen's lady can not help you as much as the counter person at the department store. Good make up in your business is important. Start now to invest in it. You are worth it. If you go back to them for 2 or 3 days in a row, you will be better prepared to do your own makeup... tell the girl this is your goal. Makeup ? I'm getting headshots. Is it cheaper 2 get makeup at the mall w/ help from counter lady or walgreens?
    i say get it professionally done. you'll look and feel better. you'll now how to do it on those different days. Sure you might feel weird sitting there getting made over, but who cares? Buy, or figure out what she used, and see if you cant get it at Walgreens, target, walmart, etc. If you can't find it, go back and get it. Sure it'll be a little more expensive, but would you rather look cheap or professional? The less photoshop the better honey. :) Hope this helped some.
    if your trying to go to a department store like jc pennys or anything of that sort your going to be paying ALOT more then 5-10 dollars. ur ranging anywhere from 20 and up foir the good stuff.

    what the counter lady will do is help you find something close to ur skin tone and show u some ideas and do urmake up for u but like u said itll only last u the day.

    so my advice to save you time and money

    go to the department store and see what the lady says bout ur skin tone like what would be better like mouse cover up or powder or lquid. and then ask her to show you how to put it on and what ';color'; matches ur skin tone best

    and then go to walgreens or something and then pick out the color she reccomended amd youll already know how to apply it

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    Clinique Days of the Week Lipstick Set

    Clinique Days of the Week Lipstick Set


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    September Specials 2017

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    Volunteer to act as witness in Sunderland?

    by SunnyBrownCakes921 @ wedding planning discussion forums



    We are getting married on Wednesday 25th October in Sunderland. We have already done all the celebrations abroad but we are now going to make it official. Unfortunately we could not find two witnesses for a Wednesday morning! Are there any volunteers to join us at the Registry Office in Sunderland to act as a witness?

    We would be very happy to compensate travel costs if not too excessive. :)


    Clinique Spring Makeover - Thrifty Pineapple

    Clinique Spring Makeover - Thrifty Pineapple

    Thrifty Pineapple

    I recently visited my local Clinique counter for a consultation, I would in no way consider myself a beauty/makeup guru, but I often binge watch makeup videos on YouTube so I like to think I know more than I actually do. I love to learn about new products and experiment with my make up, but …

    Stationery - Making vs buying

    by RomanticGreenConfetti835 @ wedding planning discussion forums

    Hi all

    I've been looking at the cost of wedding stationery and unsurprisingly, much like everything else wedding related, it's astronomical for what I like.

    i was wondering if anyone else is making / has made their own stationery and if it's worth it?  Can you save a significant amount of money taking into account that you have to buy all the supplies in advance? Is the time spent doing it worth the hassle?

    im not particularly arty but I can manage card, lace and ribbon - what are your thoughts? 

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    Makeup counter guide

    Makeup counter guide

    Now To Love

    [{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"Beauty counters can be intimidating places – all those perfectly groomed assistants and the vast choice of products. But if you’re in the know there’s a huge amount of expert help and good (often free!) stuff on offer.  So here’s how to get the most out of the top beauty counters.\n\n**Revlon**\nThe Revlon range is priced to be affordable, so this is a great counter to come to if you’re likely to buy a few products.\n\nTheir makeup advisers offer everything from skin and colour consultations to makeovers. They’ll help you find your perfect shades, share tips on creating a quick and easy routine, show you fresh ideas for special events and give makeup lessons so you can achieve the looks easily at home by yourself.\n\nThere are also regular in-store events where you can learn about the latest releases and the best ways to use them. Charges vary from store to store but are usually redeemable on any products you purchase.\n\n**Clarins**\nThis brand does beautiful skincare and all its counters have a beauty room and a counter manager who’s  trained in giving facials.\n\nThis is a great way to try products before you buy or for regular customers to have facials and discuss any concerns.\n\nIf you’re stuck in a makeup rut, why not take a friend and visit for a step-by-step makeup lesson? They’ll show you how to do a smoky eye in five minutes, how to find the right shade of lippy and keep it on for longer, how to give your makeup more radiance, how to make the most of your eye shape and more.\n\nThere’s no charge for these regular services, but there’s a $60 booking fee, which is redeemable on purchases,  when special even"},{"type":"image","label":"Image","content":{"url":"","valid":true,"title":"","caption":"","link":""}},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"ts are held with visiting consultants.\n\n**Clinique**\nOne of Clinique’s founders, Dr Norman Orentreich, developed a skin diagnosis technique that’s now used at all of their counters.\n\nIt’s based on things like eye colour, pore size, hair colour and how skin reacts to the sun, and helps consultants tailor a skincare regime and makeup look for each customer. They don’t charge for one-on-one consultations or special events.\n\n**Shiseido**\nIf you’ve decided it’s time to break free of boring brown eye shadow, Shiseido does a great range of gorgeous shades and offers complimentary makeup lessons and makeovers. This way you can see if their shades suit and learn how to apply them. Beauty consultants also provide free skin consultations and analysis, plus provide samples for customers to try.\n\n**Elizabeth Arden**\nSign up as a customer at an Elizabeth Arden counter and you’ll be invited to exclusive events such as their famous Red Door Spa treatments. There’s a $60 fee but $40 is redeemable on product purchase. It involves 90 minutes of facial pampering in a beauty room. Alternatively, you can have a ceramide facial or a makeover for $20.\n\nElizabeth Arden has a national makeup artist that travels the country offering tutorials, workshops and boardroom beauty tips. Fees for these services vary.\n\n**Kiehl's**\nSamples are the big thing at Kiehls – they’re incredibly generous with them. Go for a personal skin consultation\nand you’ll get a full run-down of products you need, plus lots of sachets to take home and try. Often they’ll mail you additional samples later on.\n\n**MAC**\nThis is the best choice if you’re looking for edgy, on-trend looks. There are always highly trained staff on hand at the counters and stores to show you the best way to use their products.\n\nIf you want an hour-and-a-half-long makeup lesson showing you how to achieve different looks, you will have to pay $150. But this is redeemable on product purchase. MAC stores are also happy to arrange group lessons.\n\n**Lancôme**\nThere’s a loyalty club you can join at Lancôme counters where you get points for every dollar you spend. These can be used for rewards such as skincare, makeup, fragrance and even French Champagne.\n\nSpend $150 on products to qualify to join My Lancôme and you’ll also be able to indulge in exclusive beauty treats, samples and competitions.\n\nThey also hold special events where you can have a skin diagnosis to find out how you’re going with things like hydration and firmness, or learn new makeup techniques. The $60 charge is redeemable on products purchased.\n\nSamples are also available, with foundation trials particularly encouraged to make sure you get the right shade and formula.\n\n**Bobbi Brown**\nThis label does great “grown-up” makeup rather than high-fashion looks. Makeup artist Bobbi’s philosophy is that looking your best is achievable with a few easy steps and the right products.\n\nOne-on-one makeup lessons are available at Bobbi Brown counters. They cost $90, but for that you get 40 minutes of expert help and the price is redeemable on products.\nYou’ll learn Bobbi’s application methods, from a five-minute routine to a 20-minute special-occasion look.\n\n**Estée Lauder**\nThere’s a signature service menu at Estée Lauder counters and customers can choose from a range of complimentary services, whether it’s finding the perfect foundation match or pro tips for foolproof eyeliner and mascara application.\n\n**Makeover tips**:"},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ There are lots of counters to choose from, so identify which brand you’re most drawn to. It may be that the products fit your budget or that you’ve bought and liked products from them before."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Check out the makeup the counter staff are wearing. If you’re not impressed, move on."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Make sure you’re dealing with someone who’s trained to apply makeup rather than a salesperson."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ If you love a product, it makes sense to buy it. Butdon’t feel pressured to spend more than you can afford."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Be clear about what you want. Whether it’s tips on using blusher, creating a smoky eye, or finding the right shade of foundation."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Bring photos of the look you’re hoping to achieve."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Be prepared to try something new. It’s makeup – it wipes off!"},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Be specific about the style of clothes you prefer to wear, how much time you spend on your makeup and so on. That way the beauty adviser can tailor a look to suit your needs."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ If a counter is busy, see if you can make an appointment to return when they have time to give you their full attention."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Ask them to write down key advice and products so you won’t forget the new things you’ve learned."},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ If you’re having your makeup done, arrange an outing for afterwards. It’s a waste to go home when you’re looking glam!"},{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"+ Ask to be put on the mailing list so you can be told of any special events or gift-with-purchase offers that may be coming up."}] | New Zealand's Woman's Weekly content brought to you by Now to Love

    Wedding dress arrival date has been pushed back by several months.

    by Squemmy @ wedding planning discussion forums



    Just looking for some advice on this one, and to find out if anyone else has had a similar experience.


    I ordered my wedding dress six months ago and paid a 50% deposit around the £2000 mark (perhaps a little pricey!) At the time of ordering I was informed the dress would take six to eight months to arrive, so I have been expecting a call fairly soon to say it is here. I also paid for an alteration package at the time that stipulates I must have my fittings at off peak times. 


    I rang them today to ask about ordering veils and they mentioned that my dress will not be arriving until 15 March 2018, eight weeks exactly before my wedding (and almost exactly a year since I ordered it!) I expressed that I was a little shocked, but didn't get into it as was so taken aback. I am going in next week to try veils, and thinking I should take it up with them then. Eight weeks seems very tight if something goes wrong, and I had expressed when ordering that my work schedule can be very intense so I may need to do my first fitting more towards the 10 week mark than eight.


    I have also had some concerns that something has gone wrong somewhere as there have been a few red flags. I ordered a swatch when I ordered my dress and had to chase quite a few times several months later when it had not arrived. I also got a call a few weeks ago to say my veil had arrived, when I said I hadn't ordered one yet they realised they had two brides with the same name and had rung the wrong one. Now my dress is not arriving until the last minute when I ordered it over a year in advance, my spidey senses are tingling! 


    Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Would others also be a little worried? 



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    Why do women on cosmetics counters wear so much makeup?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    Surely makeup should be subtle and natural, but most of the time these women wear a mask of over-the-top makeup. It doesn't inspire me to buy anything!Why do women on cosmetics counters wear so much makeup?
    not everyone can be a natural beauty... I never wear natural looking makeup always dramatic... it's who I am... besides why bother with make up if you want to be natural?... I think the answer is, make up is used to enhance who you are and how you want to be seen

    if you shop at MAC or Sephora pay attention to the clerks... they have something for everyone and people tend to gravitate to people with similar senses of style... I personally do not ask for beauty advice from anyone who draws on their eyebrows (unless it's a guy in drag) or who wears natural make up... they don't share my aestheticWhy do women on cosmetics counters wear so much makeup?
    Just showing customers the possibilities one can do with make up.
    Hi Shona - I suppose it takes quite a lot of make up to cover a patronising person with a big ego. I never buy make up from those counters, I'd rather help myself from the shelf. Glad I'm not the only one who has such nasty thoughts. Hahaha.
    they have to look like a good advert for their business if someone who was pale, spotty, and looked like they hadnt slept for a week was behind the counter psychologically customers would start to think that the make up was crap so the person wasnt wearing it and therefore not buy it themselves!

    because they have no self cofidance and are stupid enough to believe it disguises them =P
    Well thats because... there have to show off the products there selling..
    yeah and why do they always grab ur wives and girl friends and say sorry madam but i could help but notice....if i was a woman i would have punch one for says i had open poors...what ever that means...they all look like expolision in a pint factory...wash it off and start again....';less is more';
    I agree with that too.
    loads of make up is scary, i recently had an 8 month relationship with someone who used a lot of makeup and was stunningly attractive. I fell in love with that person. Then I saw her for the first time with no makeup and it was a horror story. She looked so different, from a 10 to a 1. In the end it disturbed me so much I had to end the relationship. From now on I will only date women that are attractive without make up
    They have to cover up their flaws and 'advertise' their make-up on their faces as's free to use the makeup for them,might as well use more,right? :p
    Im same has you do not like alot of make up.They look like dolls.Have no idea why they slap so much on.
    i have always wondered this too. they look a bit like tangerines gone wrong lol. think its cos they are in the makeup all day and so try out bits all the time
    They get free samples. I agree with you about the mask effect. Don't like it all. They are often old biddies trying to look young
    of course

    2 be more beautiful than the women who will buy a makeup from her ..right?!!!!
    because we like to look plastic !
    will you buy cosmetics from a women who don't wear makeup?
    The actual reason is that each company tells its make-up girls that they have to wear a certain amount of their products a day. For example a friend who used to work for Clinique was told she had to wear a minimum of 10 Clinique products to work each day. This could inlude Clinique skin care and perfume but had to also be mainly made up of make up products.

    So, to be told that you have to wear at least 10 products, you can probably understand why some of these make up girls end up looking like Coco the Clown
    Because most of them are ugly mooses and need to cover up.
    Its probably because of the lights, it makes them think they need more as the light 'bleaches the colour out of your face' so rumour has it, so they apply lots - a bit like stage makeup. They could just be advertising their products but I guess you dont really need to see all of them at once!
    to fend off bitchy customers..eheh..or maybe they hate their employers for a low pay and to get even with them they wear so much make-up that buyers would fear on using the products on them
    Don't ever go to one for a make over. You've been tangoed!!
    they want to show off the product they are trying to sell however some end up putting on the WHOLE range!

    Do i have to pay to get my makeup done at a M.A.C counter or pay a tip??

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    if you buy $30.00 worth of M.A.C makeup then you get a free makeover. I asked the lady that same question at the M.A.C. counter, and that is what she told me. if you DO NOT buy at least $30.00 of M.A.C makeup then YES you DO have to pay. Even if you do not have to tip them.... i would suggest that you do because it would be rude if you didn't. I hope this helped =)Do i have to pay to get my makeup done at a M.A.C counter or pay a tip??
    i had to pay. i just learned how to properly use makeup, i bought over $50 of M.A.C. cosmetics.Do i have to pay to get my makeup done at a M.A.C counter or pay a tip??
    Usually you have to buy some products. For Belks you have to buy two products from the counter you get it done at. Just call them and see what they say.
    no and NO there paid already not on commission so ask for a free one, no tipping needed
    If you buy product (I dont know what country you're in...) they will usually do your make up for you.

    If it's just a consultation, dont expect them to do full face makeup.

    If I can remember... I had to buy two products, then they did my makeup.

    So realistically, you don't have to pay anything, as long as you buy the products.
    back when i went to prom it was 35 dollars i think or 35 worth of product. something like that!
    #1 the only mac artists that make commission work at Nordstrom's, the rest work on an hourly rate.

    #2 It depends if you go to a free-standing MAC store or a department store. Free-standing MAC stores charge a fee for applications-$50 for an application and $90 for a lesson. Department stores will sometimes charge a minimum purchase, so you will have to commit to buy some products to get your makeup done. In a free-standing store you get your makeup done in a back room and the artist gives you 100% of their attention. At department stores the artist will have to step away and help other customers. That is the difference in price! No tip required. They are not a salon, they sell makeup so the best tip is always to buy:)

    We’re opening a second studio in Wakefield

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    After an amazing first year in business Chique Makeover and Photography has announced that it is delighted to be opening a second studio in Wakefield. The Huddersfield based company offers fresh, fun and great value makeover and photoshoot packages for the whole ...

    Why I Will Never Buy Makeup in New Zealand

    Why I Will Never Buy Makeup in New Zealand

    Auck Ward

    One of the hardest things I've had to get used to since moving to New Zealand is the prices of makeup and cosmetics.

    Do u get discounts at makeup counters like clinique?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    is it 10-25% OFF the orignal price? or 10-25% OF the orignal price?

    :PDo u get discounts at makeup counters like clinique?
    yeah i heard about that too!

    i think you do the best thing to do is go to the by or wherever your local clinique store/counter is .

    answer mine :;_ylt=ApjSXK3a8QVtMOtpu.ylZdXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081116061406AA2Gx9JDo u get discounts at makeup counters like clinique?
    sometime the makeup counters like clinique,estee lauder, and lancome have free gifts when you spend certain amount of money

    you could check out their websites to find out when they have the free gifts or check in the macy's book when they mail it to your house

    I don't see the diff, lol. Sorry

    OH OH now i do LOL!! Yeah, it's OFF !

    Tips for getting your makeup professionally done

    Tips for getting your makeup professionally done

    Best Health Magazine Canada

    A professional makeup application doesn't have to cost a fortune. Plus, it's a great way to try out new trends and formulas

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    Clinique | John Lewis

    John Lewis

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    New Chique studio opens in Wakefield

    by chiqueadmin @ Chique Photography & Makeover Studio

    We’re delighted to announce that our second photography and makeover studio is opening in Wakefield on Saturday 14th November 2015. Our fantastic new studio is located within the recently renovated Kirkgate Railway Station in Wakefield. The Grade II listed building has undergone ...

    Treating Acne-Related Issues with Microdermabrasion in St. Petersburg

    by @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    For many acne sufferers, major breakouts are commonly followed by redness, bruising, pick marks, and scars. Surprisingly, however, it may be possible to minimize the appearance of these things. Microdermabrasion is a popular procedure for addressing superficial skin issues. With this treatment, the body expedites the proliferation of new and healthy skin cells while increasing […]

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    Choosing the Right St. Petersburg Plastic Surgeon

    by @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    You’ve decided that you are going to have a cosmetic surgical procedure. Undoubtedly, this is a decision that you made after a lot of thought and consideration. Now, you need to take steps to see to it that the cosmetic procedure you get is right for you. You do not want a sub-par cosmetic procedure […]

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    When to Consider Professional Vein Treatment

    by @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    Vein disease or venous insufficiency may begin very small, and you may not even be able to detect that you are developing spider or varicose veins. However, venous insufficiency will not cure itself. Once it starts, your best option is to get professional vein treatment as soon as possible. Early treatment may help prevent your […]

    The post When to Consider Professional Vein Treatment appeared first on Clinique Plastic Surgery.


    by heleng1989 @ wedding planning discussion forums

    Looking for suggestions for a scenic venue for just the three of us please! Can't be dealing with the stress and cost of planning a big wedding so looking to do a flit with just my other half and our toddler. Places that we are keen on are Lake District in Cumbria and Naples, Tuscany etc in Italy. Tried and tested comments would be amazing whether that's as a bride/groom or guest!


    Thank you in advance x

    How often should I visit the dentist, how much does it cost and when should children have their first check-up?

    by George Harrison @ The Sun

    THE dentist may not be your ideal day out, but that’s no excuse for not brushing up on the dental essentials. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your gnashers in good nick – including how often you should get them checked out. How often should I visit the dentist? If you ask most […]

    We put beauty-counter makeovers were to the test with some disappointing results

    We put beauty-counter makeovers were to the test with some disappointing results

    The Sun

    WHEN Steph O’Shea got a professional to do her make-up for a friend’s wedding, photos of the disastrous result went viral. Steph, 25, asked for a “glam, smoky-eyed look” at a Boots No7 counter in C…

    The Many Benefits of Plastic Surgery

    by @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is becoming more popular because people want to look and feel their best. With the right attitude and approach, these procedures can improve your appearance as well as your physical and mental health. If you are considering plastic surgery, you should evaluate all of the possible benefits. Improved Physical Health While rhinoplasty reshapes […]

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    Getting makeup done at the clinique counter?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    I booked an appointment at clinique for the free product test... I booked it on prom day so i dont have to get it professionally done for prom..



    LIKE: FOUNDATION, POWDER, BLUSH, EYESHADOW??Getting makeup done at the clinique counter?
    Yeah they would do it. Some would try to do half of your face and ask you to do the other half, but if you refuse, they'll just do your whole face. They work on commission after all, and want to please you. They may ask you to buy a lip gloss they used on you or an eyeliner. It depends from counter to counter. One of the times I went to a clinique makeup counter requesting a makeover, the woman said I will have to buy everything from foundation to eyeshadow save the 3-step...I just said I am not interested and walked away.Getting makeup done at the clinique counter?
    I got my prom makeup done at a Clinique counter in Carson Pierre Scott. Yes, they do everything! They cleaned my face, applied moisturizer, applied foundation, powder, blush, everything. I even took a picture of my dress so that they could match the eyeshadow and they also apply eyeliner along with mascara (they ask you first though). I also got some free samples, holler!
    Rest assured, they WILL NOT only do half your face. I don't know where that myth arose from, maybe that's how it was done in the 80's, but they do your entire face, whatever you want done. Be specific in your requests. And please buy something afterwards, those women work on commission. If you wouldn't walk into a salon and try to get a free haircut, then don't walk in there and try to get a ';free'; makeover.
    yeah they'll do anything you ask for

    but i would do that if i were you on the DAY OF

    because i went to get a free trial once (a few months b4 grad) and they lady made me look like a friggen clown

    you don't wana not like it and then have to go to prom looking really bad...

    schedule before hand

    Trim Your Figure with a Tummy Tuck in St. Petersburg

    by @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    Have you done everything that you reasonably can do to trim up your body? You’ve dieted, you’ve exercised, you hit the gym every single day, and still you look at your midsection and you don’t like what you see. If so, you might want to learn more about a tummy tuck procedure. When performed by […]

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    Ryanair cancelled flights – latest news on which flights are affected by pilot shortage and compensation information

    by cmcguire @ The Sun

    FURIOUS Brits have seen travel plans go up in smoke after Ryanair cancelled over 2,000 flights due to a disastrous administration blunder. After warning 400,000 passengers their flights will be axed over the next six weeks, the low-cost airline has left customers facing the threat of a new wave of cancellations. Here’s the latest. It […]

    Dual Plane Brow Lift for Men

    by @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    As a man, you make your health a priority. You do everything you can to stay in shape and keep your weight where it should be. You choose foods and exercises that are good for you. All of your choices help you to feel more youthful, but you can’t erase the signs of aging. Some […]

    The post Dual Plane Brow Lift for Men appeared first on Clinique Plastic Surgery.

    Makeup counters at department stores?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    Is it free?

    Is it unsanitary since everyone uses the same makeup or is it clean somehow?

    Whats your experince with it?Makeup counters at department stores?
    Most of the time it is free, just ask.

    It should be sanitary because the usually use disposable applicators and once they touch the makeup then touch your face they are supposed to get a new applicator.

    I would'nt let them use eyeliner or mascara unless they use disposable applicators that is the only really unsanitary thing, you can get pink eye or other infections.Makeup counters at department stores?
    oh no! 6 people getting sick a year from make-up counters? did you know that you can get sick from *gasp* being near other people?

    yes, if you are careful and you go to an actual department store or sephora or something, then you have a .00001% chance of getting sick.
    It is free, I usually have my face done at Macy*s, JCPenney, or the like and they do hope you'll buy something but you don't have to (because they make commission). When they use products like lipsticks, stick foundations, etc. they wipe it off before and after each use, so they try to keep as sanitary as possible. They also use cotton balls, disposable sponges and q-tips instead of brushes in most cases.
    The stuff they have out on the counters is free for you to try on. They are supposed to have q-tips, cotton pads, disposable mascara brushes, etc. for you to try the items on with. I live at the Benefit counter, and the girls there are always extremely sanitary with the makeup that is out.
    It is safe if you go to a reputable store like Nordstroms or something.
    I think it is free but they expect you to buy something if they put make up on you. they use different disposable applicators on each person at least what i have seen them do. Also I have seen the people spray the make up with i am guessing soapy water maybe. But if you tell them you just want to try a new look usually they won't expect you to buy something. i just wouldn't ask them to try it all the time.
    The following is a widespread occurrence; reported in the news at least 1/2 dozen times each year.

    This IS the best answer鈥?/a>
    I know that some places will give you a free makeover if you purchase a certain cost worth of cosmetics from them, while other places will just do it free.

    And it can be unsanitary, but almost all places will make sure its not. They disinfect the brushes, which is fine.

    I went with my friend once and 1. the lady was a little rude 2. she had to purchase 50.00 worth of cosmetics in order to get her makeup done and 3. the end job was fine, but we were there for almost 45 minutes because the lady kept moving her attention elsewhere, and no , it wasn't busy.

    If you are interested in a new look, go for it.

    They can really make your face pop!

  • va loan
  • Great Gadgets to Bring Your Kitchen Into the Future

    by Guest Blogger @ CliqStudios

    If you have older kitchen appliances, or you remodeled but you feel there is still something missing, you may want to take a look at all the great gadgets that can make your kitchen futuristic. Some are costly, but many are not. They can give you ease and convenience, or simply make your life a little better by saving you some time.

    The post Great Gadgets to Bring Your Kitchen Into the Future appeared first on CliqStudios.

    A Closer Look at the Happy Emoticon Effect

    by @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    The Happy Emoticon Effect or Emoticon Effect is a study published in the “American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery” in 2015. It was conducted by Dr. Christian Drehsen, our board-certified plastic surgeon at Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. What Did the Study Involve? During the Happy Emoticon Effect study, Dr. […]

    The post A Closer Look at the Happy Emoticon Effect appeared first on Clinique Plastic Surgery.

    Makeup counters at macy's?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    Ok so how much would it cost to get makeup applyed by one of the ppl at the makeup counters at macy's?

    I heard it's free and i also heard you have to buy $50+ worth of if I go to m.a.c and just buy the prep+prime could I get my face done?Makeup counters at macy's?
    I went to Macy's before my high school graduation and the women did it for free. I didn't have to buy any makeup after either. I guess it depends where you live though. Makeup counters at macy's?





    Usually Clinique and stuff will do it for free if its not for an event, but it is for an event you have to buy a certain amount of products.
    Victoria's secret also does it but they may not do it in ur area. I live in NYC.
    Call and ask...I don't get why people put questions like this on here, it's so simple for you to find out by calling.

    Getting makeup done at the clinique counter?

    by (8) @ makeup counter

    So i need a new foundation and i was thinking of getting one from clinique but im not sure if i'd like the one i was thinking of [the new superfit makeup] so i wanted to go to Macy's and have them try it on me before i buy it. So i was wondering if i need to make an appointment before i go? Or can i just get there and ask to put some one me? And also should i remove my makeup before i go? Or would they take it off or what. And while im there should i have them do eye makeup too since im there? Any advice or tips would be helpful :]

    thank youGetting makeup done at the clinique counter?
    Just walk in and say you are looking for foundation.

    They will automatically test it on you! and they will take any makeup off so you can wear foundation. Yes you can wear eye make up. It isn't technically a make over. They are only going to test in a small portion of your face.Getting makeup done at the clinique counter?
    You don't need an appointment. Tell them you need a new foundation and they will help you find one.

    I just did that two days ago and end up buying more!!

    I just walked into Macys and the MA was glad to help me. I have the Superfit as well in Golden Beige and I love it.It is EXACTLY my skin tone. I use to use MAC and I will never use MAC foundations again!! I ended up also buying a concealer, and the sheer matte pressed powder!! Clinique makeup is very light and does not feel heavy at all!! Its better if you go without makeup but if you need to where some, they will give you something to take it off with. They will be more than welcome to do your eye makeup, believe me!!

    I suggest asking for a sample first so you can test it out on your own and if you like come back and get it. But I loved it so I just bought it. There high impact mascara is really good too1

    September Specials 2017

    by @ Specials – Clinique Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery 888-247-9886 Medspa 888-689-3119

    The post September Specials 2017 appeared first on Clinique Plastic Surgery.

    Clinique Happy for Women Perfume Spray, 3.4 fl oz -

    Clinique Happy for Women Perfume Spray, 3.4 fl oz -

    Free Shipping on orders over $35. Buy Clinique Happy for Women Perfume Spray, 3.4 fl oz at

    Your Summer Moisturizer Is Getting A Makeover

    Your Summer Moisturizer Is Getting A Makeover


    Embrace the gel.

    Restore Comfort and Confidence in Your Intimate Areas with Labiaplasty

    by ccdmrtaylor @ Clinique Plastic Surgery

    You have a problem with your vagina. This could be the result of childbirth, which stretches the delicate tissues of your vagina in a dramatic way. It may not snap back even when your body has healed. If you are approaching menopause, your skin will begin to droop. This can affect the skin around your […]

    The post Restore Comfort and Confidence in Your Intimate Areas with Labiaplasty appeared first on Clinique Plastic Surgery.

    Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Plus + With Pump Very Dry To Dry Combination Skin 4.2 Ounce
    Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel By Clinique, 4.2 Ounce
    Clinique 3 Step Travel Size Set For Combination Oily To Oily Skin, Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin, Clarifying Lotion Skin Type 3, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
    Clinique Liquid Facial Mild 6F37 Soap, 6.7 Ounce
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    Clinique 3 Steps system for Dry / Dry Combination Skin Set: dramatically moisturizing Lotion 4.2 oz / 125 ml + Clarifying Lotion 2 13.5 oz / 400 ml + Liquid Facial Soap Mild 6.7 oz / 200 ml
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    Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 for Unisex, 6.7 Ounce
    Clinique High Impact Mascara 01 Black For Women 0.28 Oz Giving Rich Intense Color Long Wearing
    Clinique superbalanced makeup
    NEW 2016 Clinique 7pc Skincare Makeup Gift Set Moisture Surge & More! ($75 Value) LTMED
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